As a mom, I know how important it is to make a photo shoot fun.  Pageants are a hobby that entire families love to enjoy together.  I hope to make your pageant photo shoot a part of that.  Most often, by the end of the first shoot, I have become friends with both the parents and their children.  I love watching the kids grow over time!
Whether your child has had a professional shoot before or not, you can get winning photos.  I gladly spend as much time as necessary posing your child and coaxing a vibrant smile.  I'll help you choose the wardrobe and accessories for a complete look.  I will also be glad to book an h/m artist for you at your request.
Lets shoot for the crown together!
*Photography Training from
The New York Institute of Photography
*A.S. Degree from Moorpark College in the field of Child Development
Looking Forward to Hearing From You: